Jet Setting

We’ve been knee-deep in Harvard, so I’m throwing it back to the golden weeks before school started. More specifically, the time I took three straight weekend trips instead of unpacking my apartment ✌ When round-trip tickets from my big city to your big city are just $200…how could I not?!

Side note: I’m honing my outlining skills, so I’ll keep this nice and organized. And then this isn’t a complete waste of study time….right?


Admittedly, KC wasn’t high on my “Must-See” list. It was just the most convenient meet-up spot for me and two Minot besties: Kim Carr(dashian) and Special Agent Rebecca Bates. As multiple North Dakotans have called them, “a couple of GD dime pieces.” I concur with this assessment and am lucky they let me tag along.

Kim (left) is a pilot & Becca (right) is a military version of FBI. I have cool friends

Kim is finishing her first phase of pilot training in Enid, Oklahoma and Becca was visiting family in Kansas, so I met them at glamorous KC Int’l. Now, a quick quick note; I don’t want to mislead anyone, this plane ticket was more than $200. But Delta overbooked my flight so I ended up in the black. God bless you, Delta)

Anyway, I was only two hours late to a VERY fun weekend of wine, great food, general debauchery, more wine, scootering, shopping, and coffee. There were a few minor setbacks, mainly the tickets for USA Gymnastics National finals were too expensive and Schlitterbahn Waterpark was closed. But we were an EXAMPLE of perseverance and got past the crushing disappointments with grace…and wine.


  • Forming a scooter gang w/ a very drunk bachelorette contingency
  • BOMB ice cream @ Betty Rae’s
  • Escaping the Escape Room at Breakout KC. If you haven’t done one, I highly recommend it; this was our third Escape Room together and they only get more fun.
  • Cellar Ratz. I won’t elaborate…if you’re in KC, you must go.
  • Kimberly refusing to get off the VIP platform at some nasty club, despite us not even remotely paying for it
  • Constant reassurance that washing my hair was unnecessary
  • Rose slushies (pictured above)
  • Reminiscing about USAFA/Minot/catching up on life in general

Honestly, I could go on and on. It was the most fun, lowkey weekend! When you have friends as good as these two, it doesn’t matter how much time has passed (in this case I hadn’t seen Kim for over a year) or when you’ll see each other again (Becca is moving to Japan soon, so it might be a minute). I’m just eternally grateful they were plopped right into my life, since I was too DUMB to be friends with them at the Academy.


Welcome to new york….it’s been waiting for US! This trip was planned with my incredible mother and began with delayed flights, confusion over an airport uber, paycheck problems, and lots of swearing on my end. Luckily, that was just the first five hours. The other three days were perfection.

We spent minimal time in our hotel, instead hoofing it around downtown NYC and Central Park (which I’m convinced is what Heaven looks like). We wandered the New York City Public Library, took a boat around the statue of liberty, bought (and wore) I Heart NYC tees, watched a mural being painted on The High Line…and didn’t stop talking for the whole three days. It was amazing. I hadn’t seen my mom since the wedding in March, and things were crazy in the months before leaving Minot. It was so nice to just be together.

And of course, there was the whole reason we picked NYC as our destination:


  • Waitress is about, you guessed it! a waitress. I don’t want to spoil the plot, but it was HILARIOUS and deeply moving at the same time. The acting was phenomenal, we literally died laughing, and the score was beautifully written by Sara Bareilles. The stage was also set up so the band was visible and part of the scene, which was super neat. We walked out feeling very empowered (and like every man in the world should have to watch it)
  • Mean Girls (even though, until an hour before, I thought we were going to Legally Blonde) was SO. GOOD. I mean, come on – if you’ve seen the movie, you know. But it was slightly updated to reflect social media in high school, and the choreography was AMAZING. Plus, there were some not-so-subtle political jabs thrown in…absolutely hilarious.
  • Wicked was a last-minute decision, because we got to Day 3 and said…do we want to see another show? mmmmyea we do. We got ‘leftover’ seats in the back, but had both seen it before and knew it’d be incredible regardless. We weren’t wrong! And it was fun to compare that version to previous viewings and laugh about how much we had forgotten.

And okay, I lied – there was one major disappointment. Did YOU know the entirety of F.R.I.E.N.D.S was filmed in LA, and Central Perk is actually a Thai restaurant???

Honestly, where is Jennifer Aniston. I’d like to have a word.


This last trip really WAS spur-of-the-moment, courtesy of Spirit Airlines. And because I refuse to pay for seats, I got put in first class! Because, I mean, it’s Spirit…nobody’s paying for an upgrade here.

This trip was to see my bestie and MOH, Betsy Barrett. We’ve been friends since the Air Force Academy and she’s in her final year of med school at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (usually called U-shoes, because that’s a mouthful). I can’t say enough about BB, but I will say this; I landed at 11:30 pm and she was as far into the airport as she was allowed to go, with regular and chocolate-covered pretzels because she wasn’t sure which one I’d prefer.

Long story short, I don’t deserve her.

This was an ideal, relaxing, Vitamin D-filled last weekend. We ended up in downtown DC on Saturday and Sunday, and the weather was perfectly balanced between summer’s end and the first sniffs of fall. BB is also an EXPERT hype woman, so basically all the DC pictures are taken by her – vain as I am, I couldn’t be more grateful!


  • Seeing the Supreme Court for the first time. Standing there looking at it, knowing I was about to join that legal world, was overwhelming. Plus…it’s just a really cool building.
  • 13 mi (relaxed) bike ride between Bethesda and the National Mall
  • Visiting the Presidential Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery. My favorites were JFK and George W. Bush, BB loved Reagan and Obama.
  • Sunset mimosas and the Corner Bakery’s chocolate muffin
  • Rascal Flatts Concert. Despite terrible seats/terrible drinks/terrible ubers, I classify this as a highlight. We met up with my brother Tucker and his girlfriend Shelby, who are both in Quantico, VA for Marine Corps training. It was so good to see them, I am so proud, and we had a blast!
  • Blasting T-Swift’s Lover album whenever possible

BB and always have the best time and this was no exception – we were just missing our third Georgia peach, Ms. Bianca Franz! But I’ll see them both in October so my heart is full.

Now that I’m two weeks into school, I’m so thankful I took these trips. It was a great way to gear up, and ensure I saw a few of my best people before stress/deadlines began to mount. Being busy is no excuse to neglect the people I care about, but the reality is, I’m not sure how many trips I’ll take this year. What IS reality though; I’m incredibly blessed to have friends and family who say “where are we going? When? Okay yep, I’m in!”

With that said – I’m sure I’ll see some of you in Boston before 1L is over! We have an air mattress!!

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