Is This Low-Viscosity Rayon?

Last week, I attended a lunch sponsored by Harvard’s Armed Forces Association for prospective veteran students. It was Friday so I was in uniform, but everyone else was in jeans, hoodies, sneakers, and oversized sweaters – standard law school attire.

We were in STARK contrast to the prospective students, who rolled nervously in wearing business suits, pencil skirts, ties, HEELS (dear lord) and perfectly slicked hair. One guy legitimately had on a three-piece.

Monday’s OOTD for school & dinner with Ben’s aunt, uncle, and cousin (love you guys!)

Everyone got their food, and then I rolled up to a few and began the standard interrogation. Where are you from? What branch of the military were you in? What other schools are you looking at? And finally…what do you guys think of Harvard?

They immediately said “IT’S GREAT!” before glancing at each other and doing that awkward half-chuckle that people do when they’re thinking something, but don’t want to say it. I asked what was funny with my own little laugh (standard law school trick…lure them into a false sense of camaraderie and then pounce) and one guy finally said “Well…it’s a lot more casual than I expected. I mean, we’re at Harvard Law, not undergrad…right?”

That made me laugh for real, because it’s true, and I was in their exact shoes like a month ago.

Tues was the 80 degree day! Might be the sandals’ final appearance this year.

Coming to Boston, I definitely thought law school was business-casual. In hindsight, I’m not sure why – google pics? School ads? Or was it really just because Elle Woods was always dressed to the nines in Legally Blonde? (I mean, seriously, take a look at these outfits again – I truly don’t know, but I was so misguided.

The Reality

Despite its prestige, Harvard Law really is just school. The law school attire varies GREATLY; people wear everything from jeans and fancy skirts to running shorts, sweats, and baseball caps (Not the professors – they’re always in slacks, collared shirts & ties). Half the class has showered, half hasn’t – about ten (including me) got a full night of sleep while everyone else is running on a few hours. Some are hiding hangovers, and not just on Fridays. And our classrooms are FREEZING, so even the cutest outfit is usually covered by a big ole sweater.

Personally, I wear jeans pretty much every day – five weeks in and I haven’t devolved to sweats yet. GO ME. Upon deep, deep reflection, I believe this has happened for four reasons:

  1. I so rarely get to wear “real clothes” that I’m taking full advantage.
  2. Also, I take the bus with real people every day and don’t just walk from my dorm room to class…so there may be some peer pressuring at a subconscious level.
  3. I’ve been going to yoga so much that my workout clothes are constantly in the wash.
  4. I wear a uniform on Fridays so I really only have to come up with four outfits a week. Too easy.
Thurs…this week. I wear this exact outfit at LEAST every other week b/c I am a cheetah fiend.

At the request of my friends, I’ve included pics of my law school attire from the past week (in case you wondered what the heck those pics were for) where the weather ranged from 80 degrees on Tues, rainy on Wed, and 55 on Thurs and Fri. I am convinced that anyone, anywhere, looks GREAT in a pair of mules, jeans, and a sweater. It is truly the easiest fall outfit of all time.

Fall Favorites

If you’re looking for some fall inspo, these are my 2k19 brand favorites!

  • MADEWELL. As the name implies, these clothes are durable; I really like their shirts and jeans. Their newest high-wasted, “curvy” jeans are THE only ones that fit me correctly. Absolutely wonderful.
  • FREE PEOPLE. I am obsessed with FP sweaters. Obsessed. The brand is oversized and good quality, which are two requirements I won’t compromise.
  • ABERCROMBIE. Back it up ten years, but this one is REAL! My favorite mom jeans are Abercrombie and I wear one of the t-shirt bodysuits at least once a week.
  • LUCKY BRAND. Their booties and mules are always comfortable and last a long, long time.
  • EXPRESS. I’ve got a little bit of everything from Express, but my all-time favorite are a pair of leopard mules. (SEE ABOVE) They never hurt my feet and I LOVE THEM.
  • LULULEMON. Specifically, for sports bras and tops – I’m not convinced on the leggings. I’ve had more luck with other brands for those, but I absolutely love the way Lulu holds up over time!
  • BAUBLEBAR. Earrings for daysssss.
One guy asked, “is it wrong that I get excited when you’re in uniform, because it’s Friday? No, Dinan. Absolutely not.

Now, let me caveat this list real quick. As a rule, I DO NOT buy anything from these guys full-price. I’m all about quality, but if I can get a pair of jeans AND a nice sweater for $100, or I can buy just one pair of jeans for $120…no question. I buy clothes strictly on sale/from somewhere like Nordstrom Rack or TJ Maxx/from a resale app like Poshmark. I’ll talk more about these in a later blog, because they are the key to a killer budget wardrobe, but just know that I AM SAVING MONEY MOM. I PROMISE.

^^the mom jeans out to play at a Saturday retreat. Cue the leopard flats again

Moral of the story, I am VERY happy it is finally sweater weather…and you can bet I’m not wearing low-viscosity rayon this season 💁🏼‍♀️💜👒