Don’t You Look Like A Walking Felony?

As I told my classmates all week, there are only two times a year that I’m down for ANYTHING – Halloween, and New Year’s Eve (A great DIY costume & sparkly outfits are my jam). Now of course, Halloween 2k19 fell on a Thursday and we all had an 8 AM class on Friday…but did that stop Section 7, or the rest of Harvard Law School?

No your Honor, IT 👏 DID 👏 NOT 👏

The Walking Felony

First of all, you already know who I dressed up as for Halloween. If you’ve ever seen Legally Blonde, Elle Woods gets invited to a Halloween bash and is told it’s a costume party by the EVIL Vivian Kensington. So of course, our girl goes all out in an outrageous playboy bunny costume…and is the only pink one in the room. Well, we DID have a costume party, but here was my rationale:

Never again will I have a chance to truly embody Elle Woods, on Halloween, in her Halloween getup, as a real 1L at Harvard Law 🎀 Also, the leggings were hecking comfy and the whole getup was like $20. Shout out to TJ Maxx, Forever 21, the craft store, and Tarina Crook for the Bruiser beanie babie!

The law school itself rented a bar in downtown Boston and hosted a legit, HLS Halloween Party…that didn’t start until TEN PM. Now, on a normal Thursday, you can catch me fast asleep at that time.

But this is Halloween, and there ARE NO RULES.

Harvard Halloween

I’m happy to report Halloween started way before 10 PM on October 31. About ten people from the class coordinated to wear banana costumes to class (they were the Court of Appeels); I wore my bunny ears (NO I did not wear the entire costume, I have a reputation to uphold here); we had a Devil’s Advocate, a couple of cats, and a Nationals Fan (although that may have just been his get-up from the night before). I was extra motivated to wear the ears because my LegReg professor made a snarky comment about the military ‘making me wear bunny ears’ a few weeks back, and she laughed out loud when I walked in with the ears.

Unfortunately, they were quite tall and drew a lot of attention, so I got cold-called in both classes. C’est la vie.

The Court of Appeels. Not pictured: one frazzled, cold-called bunny.

The Night Of

My friends Liz & Glen, equally horrified the party didn’t start until 10 pm, hosted a pre-game at their apartment. Now, it was an open invite to the whole section, but we kinda figured there would be 20-25 people, max.



We crammed like fifty people into those 500 square feet and had an absolute blast. Looking at this picture right now is honestly making me laugh so hard. Besides an Elle Woods and Warner (my friend Ben, who refused to don a costume but agreed to wear a sweater so he could say he was “Warner”), we had…

  • George Whore-well (my friend Dani, who threw on an Orwell costume w/mustache and copy of 1984, and added a “Wh” to her shirt
  • A Canadian goose (literally a sweatshirt that said “Canada” with a pic of a goose taped below it. AND Kaitlyn is actually from Canada, so…nice)
  • A representative from Average Joe’s
  • Garth & Wayne (Party on Wayne)
  • JT, complete with frosted tips & shell necklace
  • A double-stuffed oreo (this was Liz & Glen, they were so cute)
  • Couple of lobster rolls (where does one even get a lobster claw headband??? Must investigate)
  • The Pink Panther (pictured below, the Pinks in the room naturally bonded)

And, to top off the night, an awful, awful bottle of Sea Ice Vodka. Not a costume – a real, $14, lowest-of-the-lowest-shelves, plastic handle of vodka. It was disgusting, and I am not happy to report, totally gone before we trooped off to the bar. (I myself could not handle more than a sip – I’m firmly in the Hard Seltzer camp).

The Aftermath

Between the pregame and the bar scene, no one got home before 2 AM. The effects were seen about six hours later, where we were missing at least 15 out of the 80 people in our 8 AM.

The best moment was fifteen minutes into class, when the door swung open and Average Joe – the #1 consumer of Sea Ice himself, baseball cap pulled low and aviators FIRMLY on – stumbled in. He flopped down, fist bumped the guy next to him, and proceeded to sit comatose for the entire class…we literally could not stop giggling about it. Our professor, nice old Todd Rakoff, had no comment…but he knew from past experience that he can’t expect anything from these idiots on the Friday after Halloween.

An accurate analysis, Professor. Party on Garth 🤘🏻