The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care

OKAY, ENOUGH ABOUT HARVARD. (That’s what you’re all thinking, probably. My mom definitely thinks I don’t talk about her enough). I know my brain is screaming “ENOUGH ABOUT HARVARD,” so today’s post will focus on the center of my whole world, the thing that keeps me grounded and happy and that I look forward to seeing no matter what has happened on campus or out in larger Boston.

Oh…you thought I meant Ben? No no. I’m talking about little Apartment 103.

That barn was the view from my childhood home, painted by my amazing father

I’ve been here for about four months, and our apartment (condo, technically) is still my favorite part about Boston. I also promised a tour somewhere around then and never delivered, but TODAY IS THE DAY! It’s all decked out for the holidays so this is a perfect time. (But I apologize for some strange lighting…good light is not this guy’s strong point)


Ft: a coffee table & entryway stand our friends made (go check out, they’re amazing); a couch from my California days; Ben’s obnoxiously large television; and the best rug of all time. We spend most of our time in here – I’ve gotten a lot better at tuning out Ben’s YouTube videos as I do more productive things. The Illinois heart was a birthday gift from my college roomie and it goes perfectly with the pillows…if I do say so myself.

And of course, the piece de resistance…OUR TREE!!! We did have to go a little smaller than normal, but it’s alive! (Real tree/Riley 2, fake tree/Ben 0) Of course, when I walked in with it, Ben said he preferred that I brought home beer…but we had fun decorating it. I had fun decorating it. Behind the tree is a beautiful sign, given to us by two of my high school coaches for our wedding, and it’s the first thing you see as you walk into the apartment. Love it so much.


Well, this is non-existent. It’s really just a tiny kitchen, but it’s perfect because a) we are avid couch eaters and b) we are not cookers. Honestly, frozen Trader Joe’s is the way to GO. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be cute, and I’m just a big fan of the red! Kate Spade & Le Creuset (we may not cook but WE FANCY) are perfect tie-ins with the living room.

The tenants before us left a corkboard for hanging pots and pans, which helps with limited space, and there’s a lazy susan in the corner for all the bigger things. They also left a little wooden island, which is now my coffee stand! Really, the only things we’re guaranteed to use every day are the coffee makers (Ben’s is in the kitchen…I don’t share space well) and the toaster. We live pretty easy.


One of the real oddities of this place is that the huge master bedroom is attached to a tiny bathroom, and the smaller bedroom is attached to the bigger bathroom. But in hindside, it worked out PERFECTLY. We have a King bed and two sets of people’s clothes, so we definitely wanted to set up shop in the bigger room – then I generously allowed Benjamin full run of the master’s attached bathroom. I, on the other hand, am Queen of The Larger Bathroom 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyway, back to the master. One of Ben’s favorite places in the world is Arizona, so we went with a little Western theme for the room! First of all, the King was a MUST (remember, sharing is caring not possible for us) and then we brought a hodge podge of bedroom furniture into the mix. Maybe someday we’ll get around to decorating more? But like I said, most of our time is spent in the living room so…maybe not.


The office is My Study Area. Truly, I played an intramural soccer game yesterday and all my section mates were like, “we haven’t seen you at all since class ended!” Um, YEA – why would you leave your house when you have such a perfect set-up?! (Minus the occasional study sesh at Panera…I just can’t make a broccoli cheddar breadbowl like they can).

And when I say dual, I MEAN DUAL. 50% chic-and-cute-maybe-I’m-a-fashion-blogger-maybe-I’m-just-a-law-student, and 50% military-stuff-electronics-galore-random-crap-central. Obviously, my half is a place of peace and love…the other side is for yelling at video games in frustration.

But truly, I have spent many many many hours in the office and I still like being there. Once this semester calms down I’m going to hang a few things leftover from the wedding, which will bring out the gold/white/black/pink theme a little more. But sitting in my cute little chair, wrapped in a blanket, with soft instrumental music playing and animal crackers close at hand…that’s my HLS Happy Place.


A HUGE perk of this place is its proximity to a small shopping center – CVS and Trader Joe’s is only 0.4 mi away, and my Corepower Yoga studio is about 0.2 further than that! I don’t have my own car here, so the ability to walk everywhere is so, so nice. The subway is also about a twenty minute walk, so when trying to get around (especially before Ben arrived) I spent a lot of time outside! It’s getting cold now, but I’ll walk to CVS and TJs no matter what the weather. PLUS – hugest bonus of. all. time. – I just found a spa (? – it’s not exactly a spa…I go there to get my face dermaplaned) 0.3 MILES AWAY IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION! Plus, if we cross the street, there’s a beautiful 2.5 mi path around a lake – perfect for running or just a nice walk. I cannot express enough how happy it makes me to be so close to so many things. Definitely worth the apartment living!

In a nutshell, we freaking LOVE Boston. Apartment 103 is perfect for us, and I know we’ll be sad when the military moves us. But it’s a great price, perfectly located, and a wonderful size, so I don’t see us leaving any time soon! ❤