Time for Change

**This is not a political post, but as always my opinions and beliefs do not reflect those of the United States Air Force or JAG corps**

If you’ve been watching the news, scrolled through instagram, or live near a city, you probably know that change is happening. People are waking up to social injustice following the awful death of George Floyd and taking a long look at America’s entrenched racism.

I debated addressing it in my blog. I’m not inclined to use social media to speak about things like this (Facebook is a place for family and wedding photos, you can’t change my mind). But I feel weird writing in my usual light-hearted tone or publishing a post that centers around me.

So, I’m not going to! This week I’m elevating Black voices. All featured art, articles, and business suggestions are from Black creators, writers, and owners. In the time you’d usually read the blog, I encourage you to read one of these articles, listen to twenty minutes of a podcast, or buy one thing from one of these businesses (personally, I’m headed straight for the BLK & Bold coffee and KNC eye masks!)

Artist: Danielle Coke, @ohhappydani


“A Timeline of Events That Led to the 2020 ‘Fed-Up’-rising.” Written by Michael Harriot for The Root. Includes profanity. https://www.theroot.com/a-timeline-of-events-that-led-to-the-2020-fed-up-rising-1843780800

“What is Racism?” Informative article from Dismantling Racism Works (dRworks). https://www.dismantlingracism.org/racism-defined.html

“Ororo’s Four Disciplines of an Anti-Racist.” Written by Ororo Munroe for her website, The Blackful. Short read, includes profanity. https://www.theblackful.com/tb-4-disciplines-an-anti-racist

“Recognizing Race in Language: Why We Capitalize “Black” and “White.” Written by Ann Thuy Nguyen and Maya Pendleton for the Center for the Study of Social Policy. https://cssp.org/2020/03/recognizing-race-in-language-why-we-capitalize-black-and-white/

“What is White Privilege, Really?” This is NOT written by a Black author, but is an incredibly informative article and worth reading as an intro piece (in my opinion). Written by Cory Collins for Teaching Tolerance. https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/fall-2018/what-is-white-privilege-really?fbclid=IwAR1JyRsqBcWGnpij65xxybQHz5IORa64lSb1zhQpFGUfqjM0K7-q6eFCHFo

Artist: Kendra Dandy, @theebouffants


Fifteen Percent Pledge – a petition calling on major retailers to pledge 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses. Created by Aurora James, entrepreneur and owner of sustainable fashion brand Brother Vellies. https://www.15percentpledge.org/

Use of Force Project – a study & project aiming to end police violence through strict use of force policies. Donate or learn more: http://useofforceproject.org/#project

Black Girls Code – a project to encourage girls of color (ages 7-17) to become innovators in STEM fields. https://www.blackgirlscode.com/

Justice For Breonna Taylor – a petition demanding that police officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor are charged. The story and petition are found here: https://www.change.org/p/andy-beshear-justice-for-breonna-taylor

Artist: Devon Blow, @devthepineapple

BUSINESSES (by category)


BeautyStat (skincare), The Honey Pot (feminine-care products), Lauren Napier Beauty (face wipes), Unsun and Black Girl Sunscreen (sunscreen), The Lip Bar and Mented Cosmetics (cosmetics), Hanahana Beauty (exfoliation), KNC Beauty (eye & lip masks).


BLK & Bold and Blume and Plume Coffee (tea & coffee), Jones Bar-B-Q (sauces, featured on Queer Eye!), Maison Noir Wines (Oregon-grown, ships to 31 states), Pipcorn (specialty popcorn), The Sip (membership Champagne), Golde (Superfood blends), Partake Foods (cookies).


Posh Candle Co, Kintsugi Candle Co, and Lit Bklyn (candles), Clare (paint), Pottery by Osa (pottery on Etsy), Sheila Bridges (wallpaper), Noodle & Co. Apothecary (soaps), Pur-Home (natural cleaners), Godly Gorgeous (prints).


Golden Girly (lounge sets), House of Aama (t-shirts, totes & high-end line called “Bloodroot”), Curvy Fox (plus-size), CBAAF (tie dye & vintage), Brother Vellies (leather goods & shoes), Ear.Clay (earrings), Proclaim and Nude Barre (underwear), Mateo (jewelry).

**For more complete lists, visit these sites:

  1. Marie Claire, “62 Black-Owned Brands to Support Today and Every Day” https://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/a32729106/black-owned-businesses/
  2. Forbes, “75 Black-Owned Businesses to Support” https://www.forbes.com/sites/elisabethbrier/2020/06/05/75-black-owned-businesses-to-support/#1344ae7b3814
  3. Glamour, “39 Black-Owned Businesses You Can Support Today & Everyday” https://www.glamour.com/story/support-black-owned-business
  4. New York Mag, “125 Black-Owned Businesses to Support Right Now” https://nymag.com/strategist/article/black-owned-businesses-support-shop.html
Artist: Perry Ryan, @perrynryan


“Brene with Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Anti-Racist” – an episode from the podcast Unlocking Us with Brene Brown, interviewing the NY Times Bestselling Author of How to be an Anti-Racist. https://brenebrown.com/podcast/brene-with-ibram-x-kendi-on-how-to-be-an-antiracist/

“How to financially help BLM with NO MONEY” – YouTube video created by Zoe Amira, all ad revenue goes directly to protester bail funds, funeral expenses, and advocacy groups. Just stream it while doing work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCgLa25fDHM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1ts3PDHkzXMUfuoVeZYYOz5HGTSje_agcQf-87GZU2R-CUrRGn_2PuGhA

“Keep the Fight” – an episode from the podcast Pod Save the People, created by DeRay Mckesson. https://open.spotify.com/show/1Y3colnIhnNfvBcK8O9y7p

Artist: Sharee Miller, @coilyandcute