How old are you? Twenty five!

Where are you from? I’m originally from a small town outside Chicago, Illinois, and lived there my entire life.

Are you married? Yes, for two years to a great guy named Ben. We met at the Air Force Academy, and he’s also in the military.

This is Ben & a VERY accurate portrayal of our relationship

How long is law school? A Juris Doctorate (or your standard law degree) is a three year program, running from September to mid-May. This Harvard page breaks the degree down year by year!

Are you really blonde? I am!! I do occasional highlights and balayage, but I am a true dark blonde.

Is your family in the military? They are not! I stumbled onto the Air Force Academy and military service through my high school, and a student who was a class ahead of me (shout out to you, Spencer Teiken!)

Where is the Air Force Academy? In Colorado Springs, CO – about an hour south of Denver, right at the foot of the mountains! It’s absolutely gorgeous there, I miss it.

Is Ben from Colorado? Ben is from the Minneapolis area…we’re both Midwest born and raised.

What does “First Lieutenant” mean? Each branch of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard) has officer and enlisted ranks. Ben and I are officers and there are ten officer ranks total – First Lieutenant is basically second from the bottom, and Ben is a rank above me at Captain. For more information on military ranks, check out

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