Hey, I’m Riley! An older, less pink, infinitely less fashionable, military-edition of Elle Woods. I’m starting at Harvard Law School in September, and this blog will document every bend & snap of the way! (…I am so sorry but I had to start off strong with a legally blonde joke. Had to)*

You may wonder why I’ve decided to start a blog, especially since I’m heading into a pretty rough couple years. Trust me – I’ve asked myself the same thing! In the end, it boils down to three things:


When I attended the Harvard Law Admitted Students Weekend, a professor urged me and my fellow classmates to write creatively outside of school. Journaling, blogging, letter-writing, starting a novel…whatever you like, she said, just find it and stick with it! Apparently, law school has a way of sucking the fun out of your writing…and the life out of you??? So – this is my way of staying interesting.


Quite simply, I started this because I want to! I intend to use the blog as a creative outlet and kind of sanity check, particularly because I don’t have the “normal” school stressors of internship interviews/job searches to keep me busy. Back in college, I chose English as my major because I love to read and see essay-writing as a fun puzzle. Go ahead, cue the what-will-you-ever-do-with-that-degree? joke…well JOKE’S ON YOU CUZ THE ANSWER IS HARVARD LAW YOOOO!

Anyway, I took a creative writing course in my final Academy semester and LOVED IT so I’m sure I’ll enjoy vomiting my experiences onto this page. I also love to travel, meet new people, take photos, tell terrible jokes/stories…so basically, everything a blog entails (right?? Someone who does this for real, pls let me know). Perfect.


Finally, I largely attribute this blog to YOU GUYS!!! I’ve had so many people say “you’re the real-life Elle Woods” that…I kinda started to buy in. Elle is the It Girl of my generation (right up there with Regina George, Britney Spears and Beyonce…DOES IT GET BETTER) and I am beyond flattered to be in any way associated with her! I always wondered how ‘realistic’ Legally Blonde was, so I figured I’d explore the ins and outs of Harvard Law with everyone who has a special place in their hearts for Elle & Bruiser Woods.


If you’ve ever seen an Air Force PowerPoint, YOU’LL KNOW how important the overview slide is. Essentially, I want to use this platform to talk life before, during, and after Harvard Law – and especially what being a [strong female] military officer is like in this unique position. I’m here for advice, observation, funny stories, lame stories, and the realities of being a student-slash-lieutenant through this blog and other social media platforms (check out https://rileyv.com/index.php/contact/ for more on that!) I’m going to keep it real but keep it fun, and hopefully it’s something that you guys enjoy! Plus, what better way to gear up for LEGALLY BLONDE 3?!

Thanks for joining!  

*if the Bend and Snap reference was lost on you, check out the most important YouTube clip of your life: https://youtu.be/GQmt9W6Ky7U. Then, watch all of Legally Blonde because, in the words of my mom…”BEST MOVIE EVER!”

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